Brand Yourself for Success in Art Licensing

Teleseminar Replay by Paul Brent

  • Do you realize that branding is more than a logo but you don’t know where to begin?

  • Do you worry that your branding might create confusion for your art licensing business?

  • Do you think your branding plan might need a tune-up?

Branding has become the hot topic for all businesses today. Every time you turn around it seems, someone is talking about a brand, re-branding, the rise and fall of brands… Brands. Brands. Brands.

How important is branding to an artist in or interested in art licensing?

Branding affects Art Licensing in multiple ways and it is important to know how this works. Building your brand can be as important as creating your art in order to stand out from the crowd. What makes you different than every other artist with a pencil or paintbrush? A well-crafted branding strategy can help convey your message while you are busy in your studio – providing you know what you are doing.

Artist Paul Brent understands branding.

An artist, interior designer and print publisher, he began licensing his art in 1988. Bookmarks, bed linens and insulated barware were among his first licensed products. Since then he has gone on to work with many, many manufacturers and grown his licensing business to be to be one of the most successful for an individual artist.

Paul Brent is the most well known coastal artist in the U.S. He has managed to build and evolve his brand to include so much more than beach and sea life and has done so very successfully. The Paul Brent Designer brand has been in the marketplace for over 20 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

Branding is how you define yourself to your customers.

If you can successfully do this in a positive way you are on the road to success. Building a brand that will go the distance means more than picking a font and creating a logo. First, you need to analyze your art and how you run your business.

In this hour-long teleseminar, Paul Brent gave artists a step by step method for analyzing and establishing their brand and keep it up to date. A wealth of knowledge for only $57. Even though you missed the live event, you too can get “all fired up!” as one participant so eloquently put it!

Who is this teleseminar for?

Artists who want to learn to effectively create a brand for their art that will help them grow their business, with emphasis placed on building a brand for the art licensing industry.

What will you learn?

  • What to expect from a successful branding strategy over the course of the next 30 days to one year.
  • What the 9 most common pitfalls are in both a visual brand and a business brand – and how to avoid them.
  • Key strategies of branding to help you:
    • create and maintain good artist / agent relationships
    • protect your copyright
    • keep your brand fresh in the market place
    • and use your brand to attract attention in the media.
  • How to commit to your brand strategy and take the first step.

From the eDesks of Tara Reed

Dear Fellow Artist,

I am so excited to be able to share Paul Brent’s branding strategies and wisdom with any artist willing to put in the time to listen. Since Paul did his first Ask Call in March 2009, I have had the extreme pleasure of getting to know him and his wife on both a personal and professsional level. He loves to talk business as much as I do and boy does he know his stuff!

To have access to such an established and successful artist’s thoughts and strategies about branding, that you can take and apply to your business, is such an opportunity!

I hope you decide to say “YES!” to this teleseminar and join us on Wednesday, February 24th. It will be one of the best investments of an hour you will spend on your business all month!

Here’s to your creative and well-branded success!

– Tara Reed

P.S. The call was nothing short of amazing! I am so excited to dig in and look at my brand and art with new eyes – this is helpful for beginners and more established artists in licensing as well!

Do you need some extra motivation?
A few FREEBIES to help you feel great about your decision?

How about 3 great extras to add even more to this incredible value?


A big part of branding is learning how to tell people what you do. Writing an artist statement can knock off the what and the how at the same time.  While not as common in the art licensing industry, learning to write an artist statement is great practice for focusing your brand and also handy to have if you add other ways of earning an income from your art – like gallery sales, collectors and more.

BONUS #2: FREE CHAPTER – “The Small Business Bible” by Steve Strauss

A regular on ABC’s Money Matters, MSNBC, a small business columnist for USA and more, Steve Strauss is a valuable resource to help small businesses grow and thrive. Not specifically geared towards artists, this is a great way for artists to see what people in other industries are doing so we can learn and decide how to implement the same strategies for our own success. Learn more at –


“I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning with tag line ideas running through my head and thinking about all I need to do to work on my brand. When I went to my computer to jot down my ideas, I saw your email–thanks so much for the lists to help focus on exactly what to do. I am so glad I took this seminar!” Betty Laur, Artist, 

“I’m amazed by not just the quality and quantity of the information; but also the genuine and friendly personality of Paul Brent. I’m fortunate to receive all this information in the early stages of my development; because I know it will give me the most solid launch possible!”

Brenda D. Baker, Artist,

“Tara, it was powerful and I have been so busy. All my answers came like a tidal wave that night. All my answers were in pieces here and there. Right in front of my nose and did not see it. After that call in two hours of brain storming, I saw my style, subject, and created a logo and tag line. It just all fell into place. Great class and I’m looking forward to hearing the replay for things I might I missed.” Bruce Michael, Artist,

After attending SURTEX, I began a planned “retreat” away from my home, my everyday ceramic work and home households to take the time to analyze my career as artist. The perfect time to hear Paul Brent Teleseminar on Branding!!!. I have no words to describe all I learned.

I have been planning this branding issue for a long time and I have some steps taken, already. I am a ceramist since 1996 and I believe I have a well known and recognizable style even in my new mixed media work but I was not sure at all about that.

Now I know I have to focus on what I am going to present for licensing and how I will use this branding knowledge to make this licensing dream happen. I will be working on all the steps Paul Brent talked about. I started today with the tag line. I have a few of them in my profile, but now is what I can understand what is this about!

I can tell you, I am Enjoying this Ride….I use this tag line a lot in my blog and in my collage paintings but it is the time to analyze it in terms of my licensing career I want to star NOW. Well I did some licensing 8 year ago but the payment was just “pennies” although the company sold millions. Now is the time to make this happen, with better deals. Your books are helping me a lot….all of them. Thanks for all your hard work and your creativity to show us the right path! Elizabeth, Artist,


First Steps…

  • Decide what you bring to the table that is unique – do you have a specific style, theme or skillset that will make you stand out from the crowd?
  • Do your research and don’t rush your branding process. A well thought out plan that takes some time is better than getting something done in a day.
  • Understand the business of art licensing and know what your clients need from you. How can your brand make their job easier?