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Do you want to walk into a store and see your art on products?
Do you want to earn an income doing what you love?

Then art licensing might be for you...

"Licensing" is a way of generating income from your art. Instead of selling originals or selling your designs outright, many artists will grant the right (license) to use their art on a specific product, for a set time period in exchange for a percentage of sales. This percentage is called a royalty. By licensing your art, you have the potential to earn income on the same art piece or collection several times.

When it comes to Art Licensing, who are you?

In an effort to steer artists to things that will be helpful to them based on where they are in the realm of art licensing, we have organized the available resources into categories. Click on the link that best describes you today...

I'm New...

I've heard of art licensing but I don't really understand what it is or how it works. I need the basics.

I'm Learning...

I understand the basics and want to learn more about how to license my art.

I'm Committed...

I know that I want to license my art or I am currently licensing my art. I need tools and skills to help me grow my business.

I want an Agent...

I understand the basics and I want to find an agent to represent me. I don't want to promote my own work.

I want a Coach...

I've learned what I can from the resources here and elsewhere, but now I have specific questions and want help with my art licensing business. I want a critique of my art, guidance, etc.

I'm exhibiting at an Art Licensing Trade Show...

I've booked my booth and want to make sure I have my ducks in a row.

I want to learn about the Art Licensing Manager 2.0 Software...

I'm committed to art licensing and want to make sure I keep all my contracts, art and licenses in order so I don't miss opportunities or double license art.

I just want to see everything in one place...

And I promise not to complain that it's too overwhelming!

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